Sarpsborg municipality

Helping people to a decent home

Like many other municipalities Sarpsborg municipality had challenges with their social housing service. It seemed fragmented and complex from a user perspective. There is a wide array of actors involved in the service delivery. The service hub is called Team Bolig (“Team Residence”). The user group in the field is wide-ranging from users with disabilities to refugees and users with challenges related to psychiatry and drugs. The project objectives was to create solutions to help users getting a better overview of the social housing system and to inform and empower them to benefit from their possibilities.

The Brief:
Together with The Norwegian State Housing Bank and Norwegian Design and Architecture Center, Sarpsborg issued a call for tender for a service design project. The goals were as follows:

Make the social housing services coordinated and integrated through interdisciplinary expertise
Contribute to an improved and worthy consumer experiences to improve the individual's life situation
Ensure that services support the individual user's own resources
Ensure that the services help to prevent homelessness and promote meaningful activity
Help ensuring that the individual experiences creating a home and not just a residence

Comte Bureau solution:
Our focus was both idividualistic (create satisfied users) and system oriented (find new and more appropriate ways of working).

Our main insight was about the user’s relation to and knowledge about economy. In most cases, regardless of what health or addiction challenge the users had, we found an interaction between their “diagnosis” and their economical challenges.

The insights from the user groups and the actors were translated into two main deliveries, one “low hanging” implementable and one visionary concept for cutting straight to the core of the problem:

HJEMVEIEN (“The way home”) is a folder which Team Residence distribute to all the involved actors. HJEMVEIEN is a introduction to the social housing system, it includes all the relevant information and user action expectancy in one place and acts as a tool for the actor to refer the user to the right place (Team Bolig). HJEMVEIEN also commits the user to actually go the agreed meetings and personalise the customer relationship. HJEMVEIEN makes all possible doors towards social housing lead to the suitable measures.

BANK represents a holistic view on economical litearcy as key to mastering life. BANK is a place to learn about how to achieve dreams. Often economy plays an important role in dreams. BANK focus on economy, not as a goal, but a necessary mean to get there. The subproject is still in progress and will be updated.

The project has generated solutions which are functional for Sarpsborg and is in line with the project goal of having transfer value for the social housing field in Norway.