RÅ Organic Skincare

Revitalizing a unique Norwegian Skincare Brand

"Comte Bureau har vært en drøm å samarbeide med i utviklingen av RÅ Organic Skincare sitt design og utrykk ;-) " Amanda Elise Næss, RÅ Organic Skincare CEO

Kremfresh was a brand that had a unique market potential; the first Norwegian store that sells and produces organic body care products. However, it was also a brand that was not fulfilling its potential. The connection between its name, its brand story and its in-store experiences was under-communicated. Consequently, its skin care brand concept was unclear.

Brief: To help the brand reach its full and true potential, we worked with two main objectives. The first involved pinpointing exactly where they could improve their customer experience, and second to define a clear brand position and narrative, and express it in the design of every touch points in the customer experience.

How Comte Bureau solved it: We started with an insight phase to uncover the emotional connections that consumers have with beauty products, and see how people buy and use these products. We also researched which parts of the in-store customer experience that produced obstacles in the customer journey. Next, we took this insight and began brainstorming. Together with the client, we sketched out concepts and directions for how the in-store experience and the brand could connect best with the customers. From there, the concepts that best suited both the clients and customer needs, made it into the design phase for further testing, final design and implementation.
Our solution was a total brand makeover of Kremfresh, starting with renaming the brand entirely into a new concept named Rå. The core of the new name and concept was clear and simple. It stated it was organic, as well as short-traveled (local). With this starting point, we designed a new physical store reflecting the new concept, connecting the in-store experience to this particular feeling. The store was designed to be applicable for all original Kremfresh stores. We also developed a new logo, a new brand story as well as new product names and labeling. The result was an enriched in-store experience that seamlessly connected the physical store with brand name, product placement, services and packaging.

The new Rå concept is up and running now and you can experience it in action at Sandvika Storsenter in Oslo and CC in Gjøvik. Opening party video

This project was developed in collaboration with Jone Fjellstad and Andreas Evensen. The pictures were taken by Monica Strømdahl.