Norges Fotballforbund

Increasing parental participation through behavioral research

"Comte Bureau er en kreativ, kunnskapsrik og hurtigarbeidende samarbeidspartner som NFF har hatt stor glede og nytte av i en rekke prosjekter over flere år." Henrik Lunde, Developement departement NFF

Grassroots football is the lifeblood of the beautiful game. Not only is it where the big stars are molded, it also serves as an important where youths can be active and integrate themselves into their local communities.

Brief: Many clubs around in Norway struggle to maintain their services towards children and youths due to lack of parental participation. Therefore, NFF asked Comte Bureau what could be done to increase the involvement and commitment.

How Comte Bureau solved it:To determine the frequency of this “parental participation problem” and its possible causes, we conducted interviews among NFF clubs in Grorudalen - an area struggling with lack of recruitment - and performed analysis of historical databases. Based on this insight, we used behavioral sciences to outline the standards clubs could initiate to give parents a little nudge in the right direction.
This innovative “nudge strategy” took the form of an operative toolbox that gives the clubs a step-by-step guide for recruitment. The toolbox is already in use by many clubs, and will be introduced throughout the country over the next year. By moving from assumptions to fact-based solutions, we believe that the communication and recruitment strategies of Norwegian football clubs will take a leap in the upcoming years.