Lowering the threshold for junior high school pupils to seek and get help when needed.

Elevtjenesten (“pupil’s service”) is a thoroughly tested web- and smartphone application developed to meet the needs of today’s teenagers. After three years of piloting at Rosthaug and Drammen junior high schools, we are further developing the app in cooperation with Netron and Blueroom.

Most of the Norwegian counties have shown interest in the solution. Today the app is implemented in Buskerud and Oppland Counties. In 2017 Elevtjenesten will be implemented in four new schools – making it easier for more than 5000 teen agers to contact the support services at their school – when they need it.

The brief:

Educational level is viewed as one of the most important factors in having a good and healthy life. Statistically, one out of three teenagers drop out of high school in Norway. The annual total cost of the dropout is approximately 8 billion Norwegian kroner. In addition to these costs, each of the pupils will face personal challenges caused by dropout. Thus, the Norwegian Health Directorate, Norwegian Design and Architecture Center together with Buskerud County organized the National Design Competition 2013, where designers were challenged to meet these challenges.

The solution:

Through a broad insight phase at a pilot school, Rosthaug in Modum municipality in Norway, we derived thirty potentials*. The last potential, “The Red Button”, led to the concept Elevtjenesten. Elevtjenesten gathers all the relevant personnel at school and connected to school, such as school nurse, career counselor etc., improving the availability for the pupils. The pupils can see the availability status of the counselors and start a chat with an anonymity option. The application also includes a bank of frequently asked questions - which each school can manage, fill and make local. This enables pupil’s “self service” and release capacity for the counselors to help the pupils with actual needs. The app is also open for teenagers which are not connected to a school and even parents or others with questions regarding, school, career or juvenile health.


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*Insight phase was carried trough together with Proba Research and fluxLoop.