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The Brief:  Dominari is a furniture producer based in Lithuania. In 2016, they contacted us to design their new headquarters.

Dominari´s brand stands for comfort, trust and quality and the new headquarters need to reflect the same principals.
Moreover, on one hand, at the headquarters the staff needs to feel at home, they should be inspired and motivated by the environment they work in. On the other hand, the clients visiting should be impressed by the whole experience. The brand value should be reflected in the working culture, the design of the outer and inner spaces and in how the products are exhibited.

How Comte Bureau solved it:

Brand identity
We started by doing a study and defining Dominari’s brand value. Dominari is a business-to-business brand, and it has a unique value proposition. Now those values are well-defined and they are easy to identify in the expression and organization of the Dominari´s headquarters.

Volume studies
We defined the location and the total m2, necessary to cover the services the headquarters will allocate. We identify the entrances and we covered all the logistics. The connections between the new buildings and existing buildings, the light/wind orientation and views. We then landed the scheme that better solves the needs observed.

Interior organization/programming
After involving the users in several workshops, we identify their dreams and needs. Based on that, we studied the interior organization and the required programs. We then design the different departments, how they should be placed to increase efficiency, and improve working environment.

Building on the previous steps, we studied the new Dominari headquarters facade.
The facade reflects the brand (esthetically) but also considers energy savings and the operating costs of the building.

The project is ongoing.

For more information, please contact Joana Sá Lima.