Bane NOR

The Norwegian railway station host

The Brief:

After the restructuring of the Norwegian railway system in 2016, Bane NOR is the state enterprise responsible for the railway infrastructure in Norway. In the process of establishing the new company, they challenged Comte Bureau to explore how they can strengthen and develop their role as a host towards their guests - the travelers.

How Comte Bureau solved it:

To be a good host, Bane NOR have to offer a holistic and good experience, giving travelers a sense of their presence and availability - even in situations where staff is not physically present. Changing the company mindset from previously having worked mainly with logistics and infrastructure, to now working more user centered and having a continuous customer focus will not be quick, nor will it be easy. One step on the way is helping everyone to realize that the job they do is important to create great experiences for the travelers.

Through a broad insight phase and several co-creation processes, we landed on three main concepts:

Vital stations

The goal is to bring life to several station buildings that currently is empty through collaboration with local actors. Different collaborators require different involvement from Bane NOR and different agreements. By identifying the different segments needs, Bane NOR can offer attractive standard arrangements - bringing life to the stations.

Flag point

The "Flag point" is an area of a larger station where Bane NOR takes charge and shows off who they are. It's a modern place where travelers can receive help, get travel inspiration - or just wait for the next train. This is a functional, inspirational and attractive service that gives travelers experiences related to their travel. Cooperating with other railway companies or related actors can give this concept a great boost.

Innovation Station

This is a space where Bane NOR can test new solutions, drive continuous development and exploring needs assessment. The space can be ambulatory, giving opportunity to talk with and test solutions on different user groups.